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Let's talk about love. No taboo, no judgement.

Aastha and Ankit dive into the world of love, dating and relationships in this weekly podcast that has sparked a fire in the hearts of many. 

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In this episode, Aastha and Ankit are joined by Pradhyuman, who shot to fame with the Emmy-nominated show, Indian Matchmaking.

We love love.

We also love

talking about it.

This is Love Aaj Kal.

“I adore your podcast, it helped me get through quarantine. You guys are the best!"


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"Listening to Love Aaj Kal is always a mood-lift for me! I'm struggling with my dating life and your podcast made a difference."


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“I just want to appreciate what you both are doing. I wanted to feel connected to someone, and I felt just that through your podcast!"


"I absolutely love how you talk about things which me and my friends actually relate to"

- A listener of Love Aaj Kal

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