A podcast for open, non-judgmental conversations about dating, relationships, intimacy and society.

In 3 seasons, Love Aaj Kal has talked about age-old problems like

"Can a boy and girl just be friends?", issues like "Do your childhood traumas define your future relationships?" and serious ones like "Why men rape?"


Hundreds of listeners from across the world have reached out to Aastha and Ankit after listening to the episodes, which makes it evident- people want to talk about love. 

How It
    All Began

Three years ago, when Aastha asked Ankit, whom she had been friends with for 12 years, if he would host a love podcast with her, he replied, "Are you crazy?"

Ankit, the fool he is, thought that he didn't know anything about love. But Aastha, wise as she is, reminded him neither did she, but at least they had been lucky enough to experience love, and now they could talk about it, and try and make sense of all the emotions that love gives rise to in us.

It's been a very fulfilling journey and we want to continue having these conversations with you. Let's figure out love together.

-- Aastha Atray






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India's first Spotify Original on love & dating, brought to you by two best friends

Aastha Atray and Ankit Vengurlekar dive into the world of love, dating, and relationships in this weekly podcast that has sparked a fire in the hearts of many.

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